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Nutrition & Gut health

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Webinar Includes:

  • This webinar introduces participants to a functional nutrition approach to gut health 
  • Participants will learn how functional nutrition addresses the root cause of health problems instead of muting symptoms
  • This webinar offers a comprehensive overview of imbalanced microbiome, increased intestinal permeability, and inflammation as root causes of many health issues
  • Participants will learn about various ways to address root causes using diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes
  • Participants will observe a video demonstration of preparing recipe(s) featuring whole foods that promote gut health

What’s Inside the guide:

  • Why Gut Health is Important
  • Imbalanced Gut Microbiome
  • The 5R protocol
  • Dysbiosis, Inflammation, & Leaky Gut
  • Re-Incoulate: Probiotics
  • Recipes


  • How to prevent cancer: Here are four nutrition strategies proven to reduce your risk of cancer.

    What needs to make more headlines is that the leading causes of death in the United States can be prevented. Your risks for both heart disease (#1) and cancer (#2) can be significantly reduced by choosing to increase certain foods and decreasing others. This is the power of nutrition. By understanding and using this power,…


  • An Integrative Approach to Environmental Allergies

    It’s that time of year again, the days are getting longer and warmer and you are venturing outdoors with increased excitement. If you’re an allergy sufferer, this time of year may also present some apprehension.  Will this year be as bad as the last? Will it be worse? Will it be obvious it’s “just allergies”?…


  • Detox for Better Health

    New year, new you! Now is the time to reset your body so you can face 2023 with optimum vitality. A healthy, sustainable detox not only helps support your body’s natural cleansing process of unwanted toxins, but also helps you unlearn any unhealthy habits you’ve developed over the past year.


  • 5 Signs of a Healthy Gut

    How can you tell if you have good or poor gut health? This article will go over a few simple “gut checks” to assess the status of your digestive system and overall well-being. 


About Me

Hi, I’m Tara torres!

I am a functional nutritionist, researcher, educator, consultant, veteran, and mom. Follow my blog for up and coming functional nutrition and wellness updates, recipes, and more! I hope you enjoy!

Your ultimate guide to

Nutrition & Cancer prevention

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What’s Inside:

  • Nutrition Recommendations for Cancer Prevention
  • Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  • How to Limit Consumption of Red and Processed Meat
  • Benefits of Phytochemicals
  • Recipes


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    Excellent teacher. Encouraging. The smartest-kindest person I’ve ever met. I highly recommend her!


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    Tara is so knowledgeable, kind, and nurturing. She’s keenly aware of what her clients need and takes the time to practice the methods. Every time I’ve sought Tara for help in something, she’s helped remove the overwhelm and I’ve left feeling more prepared and in control of where I’m going. Highly recommend!