About us

Our vision is to provide innovative approaches that advance how we care for our bodies and optimize health.

For individuals whose gut and autoimmunity are hampering them from enjoying their lives, Sky Therapeutics addresses the root cause of confusing health conditions with contemporary, evidence-based nutrition solutions that optimize health and overall well-being. Sky Therapeutics’ proprietary protocols and resources revolutionize the way we address illness and support life-long, healthy living.

Your health is wealth. Sky Therapeutics offers modern nutrition solutions that address the root cause of disease.

Why functional medicine? What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is an individualized, patient-centered approach to medicine. Functional medicine addresses the root cause of someone’s disease and treats from a holistic point of view. This includes using lifestyle modifications, nutrition, and supplements as needed, as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Functional medicine and nutrition work great alongside traditional medicine. So whether you’re trying lose weight or struggling with some other condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver, diverticulosis, reflux, etc. I want you to ask yourself what is the missing link in your current treatment plan? Why are you still struggling or why is your condition not resolved or under control? More often than not, it’s nutrition or dietary changes or you haven’t addressed the root cause of your issues. I can help you implement the changes you need to not only be healthier, but create sustainable lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime!

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