Roots In Harmony Interview

We interviewed a local company, Roots in Harmony about their hand-blended ayurvedic-inspired tea and spice products. They use real ingredients without added sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives and are located right here in Houston, TX.

Roots in Harmony deeply respects the ayurvedic tradition and crafts all recipes with certified organic herbs and hand-roasted ayurvedic spices. They believe in allowing nature to restore our balance and bring our roots back in harmony.

KIG had discussed interviewing Roots in Harmony before many of the local small businesses were shut down recently. Discovered at a local Farmers Market by Tara Torres, Clinical Nutritionist, she was immediately captured by the Turmeric Latte and Gut Restoration blends. After trying them for herself, she couldn’t help but share with family, friends, and patients alike.

Now, more than ever we need to support our local small businesses. Who better to support than a company that provides quality products that many of our Gastroenterology patients may benefit from. We hope you enjoy our interview with the owners, Neelam and Rubina. If you have tried one of their products, please share in the comments!

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