What Inspires Me

What I love more than personal training and nutrition coaching is being a MOM . It was watching my mom lose weight and compete in triathlons that motivated me to not only be active myself, but help others achieve their goals. I couldn’t be happier to see my daughter take an interest in what I do. Her and her brother are who push me today to continue to raise the bar and set a healthy example. 

My story isn’t an exceptional one. I had just stepped off stage from my first two NPC (National Physique Committee) Competitions and found myself pregnant a few months later. It wasn’t bad timing and set the tone for a great, healthy pregnancy. At 40 weeks exactly, my labor was a long and strenuous like any typical first time mom. I labored for 30+ hours and pushed for 3.5 hours, and finally my daughter was born. 

Surprising to me, my weight was the lowest it had been in my adult life after having my first baby. I was surprised by my new “mom-bod”, it wasn’t the same toned muscular fit I had pre-baby. I went from spending almost every day at the gym, to doing home workouts and running with my baby. I struggled to maintain a consistent exercise routine, and always felt I was sacrificing time with my daughter with my work schedule and commute. 

Then, I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 before my daughter even turned 1! I will say, I was blessed with another routine pregnancy. Although I wasn’t as active as I was I was used to, I owe my health to my nutrition decisions. Both pregnancies I gained 25-30 pounds. However, my second delivery happened so fast we almost didn’t make it to the hospital in time! 2 pushes, and my son was born. 

After having two babies back to back, the weight definitely stuck around a little longer the second time. I struggled with about 15-20 pounds for 6 months. I’ve always worked in the healthcare industry, but after having my son, I was working as a personal trainer at a big-time corporate facility. I was surrounded by the best of the best in the industry and was able to workout on my lunch break.

Having a regular exercise routine again, helped me shed the baby weight, but only to an extent. I was dealing with incredible amounts of stress in my personal and professional life. I struggled with anxiety and high cortisol that ultimately led to being diagnosed with stress-induced gastritis. I already deal with Celiac Disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, two autoimmune diseases. Fatigue isn’t anything new to me between my health issues and having two children under two! 

I like to think my personal experience gives me the compassion needed to be a Health Coach and Nutritionist. This is why I love working as a Nutritionist at a Gastroenterologist office. I know what it’s like to struggle with a life changing diagnosis. I remember how alone, lost, and confused I felt when I found out my entire diet was being thrown out the window. I had no idea what to do or where to turn for information. It took a lot of research, and trial and error to figure out what worked for me. 

Now, I get to help other navigate their medical issues and manage their weight. I just want to inspire and help other people, moms, and most of all my children. 

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