Episode 2: The 4 Types of Eating



There are 4 types of eating:

•FUEL EATING – Means eating food that is nourishing and fueling to your body and you are hungry.
•JOY EATING – Some call this a cheat meal. Sometimes it’s on a certain day, sometimes it’s one small joyful treat a day. It’s a tool used to cope with addiction.
•FOG EATING – Eating with no awareness. You’re eating to disassociate, I order to not experience whatever it is that’s going on for you emotionally/mentally.
•STORM EATING (BINGE EATING) – When you eat against your own will, in a frenzy, quickly, can’t stop, out of your own control.

Why are you overeating? Is it because you’re bored or stressed? Do you seek pleasure from your food?

🧘‍♀️If you’re overeating from stress, you need to treat your stress, anxiety, emotions by dealing with your thoughts and what’s going on inside your mind, heart, and soul instead of turning to food.

🏋🏻‍♀️If you’re bored and find yourself seeking food, pause, listen to your body. Is your stomach really telling you that you’re hungry? Does it hurt, is your mouth parched, does your head hurt? Are you sure you’re hungry or just bored? If you ate a decent, well balanced meal within the last couple of hours, chances are you’re bored. It’s time to focus your mind and energy on something else. Read a book, get some exercise, pick up a hobby, call a friend and catch up.

🥡Are you a foodie? Does food give you so much pleasure that you seek exuberant meals to make you happy? Food should not be pleasurable! At least not when you’re on a weight loss journey. There’s a time and a place for pleasurable food, and it’s not right now. Pleasure in your life should come from things that aren’t BAD for you. Perhaps it comes from cleaning your house, going for a walk outside and seeing the beautiful fall leaves, playing with your dog or children, hanging out with your spouse, or exercising. Once you take away the desire to feel good from eating food, you loose that attachment and find better ways to eat intuitively, listening to your body and what it really NEEDS, and not what your MIND WANTS.


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